CinemaBlend Latest Contenthttp://www.zhibu3.comCinemaBlendSat, 12 Oct 2019 01:17:00 +0000en-us 8 Times Walt Disney World And Disneyland Attractions Went Really Wrong<p>Nobody likes it when rides break down, but things can always be worse.</p>, 12 Oct 2019 00:14:08 +0000 It's Time For The Mummy 4 To Be Resurrected<p>Time to read from the book again, folks!</p>, 11 Oct 2019 23:00:29 +0000 Murder Mystery 2 Is Happening At Netflix<p>The first movie was one of Netflix’s most viewed offerings.</p>, 11 Oct 2019 22:34:51 +0000 Judy: How Accurate Was The Judy Garland Biopic?, 11 Oct 2019 21:39:20 +0000 Joaquin Phoenix's Joker Has Changed My Opinion On Jared Leto's Joker<p>I've changed my mind on Jared Leto's portrayal of the Joker following Joaquin Phoenix's portrayal.</p>, 11 Oct 2019 21:14:23 +0000 Video | The Addams Family Interviews with Chloe Grace Moretz, Elsie Fisher & Allison Janney<p>The cast discusses everything from My Chemical Romance and rebellious emo phases to Gomez and Morticia's perfect relationship.</p>, 11 Oct 2019 21:05:00 +0000 Dredd’s Alex Garland Isn’t Interested In Returning For Dredd 2<p>Looks like another creative mind will need to put their stamp on the hypothetical follow-up.</p>, 11 Oct 2019 20:59:43 +0000 Glass' James McAvoy Had An Intense Diet To Play The Beast<p>The Beast wasn't born, it was built, not just in the gym, but also in the kitchen.</p>, 11 Oct 2019 19:51:14 +0000 Shia LaBeouf Credits Peanut Butter Falcon Co-Star With Saving His Life<p>The former <em>Transformer</em> star opens up about his transformative experience on <em>The Peanut Butter Falcon</em>.</p>, 11 Oct 2019 19:46:02 +0000 Birds Of Prey: What You Need To Know About The DC Team From The Comics<p>Learn about the origin of DC Comics' team of femme fatale before <em>Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn</em> hits theaters in February 2020.</p>, 11 Oct 2019 19:06:13 +0000 Excelsior, Spider-Man: Far From Home’s DVD And Blu-Ray Sales Are No Joke<p>The sequel’s commercial success continues.</p>, 11 Oct 2019 18:43:32 +0000 What Impressed Eddie Murphy The Most About Rudy Ray Moore<p>Eddie Murphy gushes about the real-life legend he's portraying for the Netflix comedy.</p>, 11 Oct 2019 18:07:32 +0000 Terminator: Dark Fate's Runtime Has Been Revealed<p>The upcoming rebootquel from <em>Deadpool</em> director Tim Miller hits theaters this November.</p>, 11 Oct 2019 18:06:27 +0000 John Cena Has Wrapped On Fast And Furious 9, According To Vin Diesel<p>And now we wait to see the result.</p>, 11 Oct 2019 17:36:32 +0000 John Boyega’s Agent May Have Leaked When The Next Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Trailer Will Hit<p>Hint: it's soon.</p>, 11 Oct 2019 17:30:40 +0000 To 3D Or Not To 3D: Buy The Right The Addams Family Ticket<p>Does the new animated spooky flick lend a limb to the 3D format? Dare to find out...</p>, 11 Oct 2019 16:57:36 +0000 Jumanji: Next Level Star Kevin Hart’s Car Accident Report Has Been Released<p>More details on the car accident that has caused Kevin Hart some personal and professional setbacks.</p>, 11 Oct 2019 16:52:49 +0000 Jared Leto Allegedly Didn't Respond Well To Losing Joker To Joaquin Phoenix<p>The actor played the Clown Prince of Crime in <em>Suicide Squad</em> and hasn't donned the makeup since.</p>, 11 Oct 2019 16:46:44 +0000 Has Nathan Fillion’s The Suicide Squad Role Been Revealed?<p>That...that can't be right...</p>, 11 Oct 2019 16:32:49 +0000 Zombieland: Double Tap Has Screened, See What People Are Saying<p>Is it worth the wait?</p>, 11 Oct 2019 15:35:52 +0000 Disney's Jungle Cruise Trailer Cracks A Classic Joke From The Ride<p>It's finally here!</p>, 11 Oct 2019 15:03:48 +0000 Gwyneth Paltrow Explains Why She’s Often Confused Regarding The Marvel Cinematic Universe<p>Some fans have been salty about Pepper.</p>, 11 Oct 2019 14:47:01 +0000 Could Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Include Admiral Ackbar’s Son?<p>Or is this another trap?!</p>, 11 Oct 2019 01:18:18 +0000 Gemini Man Ending: What Happens, And What It All Means<p>What does <em>Gemini Man</em> have to say about its characters? Find out inside.</p>, 11 Oct 2019 01:00:26 +0000 A Training Day Prequel Is In The Works<p>The clock's being turned back for one of the main characters from the original movie.</p>, 10 Oct 2019 23:03:13 +0000 The Joker's Various Origin Stories, Explained<p>“If I’m going to have a past, I prefer it to be multiple choice.”</p>, 10 Oct 2019 21:40:09 +0000 People Forget A Fourth Brendan Fraser Mummy Movie Almost Happened Years Ago<p>It's never too late!</p>, 10 Oct 2019 21:12:41 +0000 Guardians Of The Galaxy’s James Gunn Really Loves Nova<p>Like... a lot.</p>, 10 Oct 2019 20:55:03 +0000 New Terminator: Dark Fate Video Features Sarah Connor Kicking Robot Ass<p>It’s good to see her back in action.</p>, 10 Oct 2019 20:54:33 +0000 Wait, Did Spider-Man: Far From Home Almost Give Mysterio A Hulkbuster Suit?<p>Very Mysterio... ahem, mysterious.</p>, 10 Oct 2019 20:05:10 +0000 Why Jurassic World 3 Should Wrap The Original Cast's Stories For Good<p>There's a time and a place for everything.</p>, 10 Oct 2019 19:42:41 +0000 A Pristine Harry Potter Book Just Sold For A Crazy Amount Of Money<p>Someone had piles of gold stashed away at Gringotts!</p>, 10 Oct 2019 19:23:29 +0000 Knives Out's Opening Weekend Could Be Bigger Than Expected<p>The knives will be out in the film itself, but will the wallets come out for Rian Johnson's murder mystery?</p>, 10 Oct 2019 19:20:36 +0000 Halloween Kills Set Photo Confirms The Return Of One Original Actor<p>Now this is awesome.</p>, 10 Oct 2019 19:17:14 +0000 Video | Why Joaquin Phoenix's Joker Isn't THE Joker<p>Hot take: Arthur Fleck has zero potential of ever becoming THE Joker.</p>, 10 Oct 2019 18:43:16 +0000 The Big Bang Theory's Simon Helberg Has Landed His Next Project... And It's Not TV<p>Simon Helberg becomes the latest member of the gang to land his next gig.</p>, 10 Oct 2019 17:58:44 +0000 Surprise, J.J. Abrams Was Actually Involved With Star Wars: The Last Jedi<p>It turns out the director of the first and last chapters of the Sequel Trilogy did have input on the divisive middle chapter.</p>, 10 Oct 2019 17:51:27 +0000 Yes, Spider-Man: Far From Home Used A Real Ferris Wheel During Elementals Scene<p>It felt like they really there, and they were!</p>, 10 Oct 2019 17:28:05 +0000 Ewan Mcgregor Calls Birds Of Prey A ‘Feminist Film’<p>He also calls the script "brilliant."</p>, 10 Oct 2019 17:18:01 +0000 The Universal Studios Rides We Wish They Would Bring Back<p>These rides deserve a return ticket.</p>, 10 Oct 2019 16:55:53 +0000 Marvel Fan Makes Hilarious Point About Rocket And Star-Lord In Guardians 3<p>This...sort of changes everything.</p>, 10 Oct 2019 16:24:48 +0000 How Gemini Man Differs From All Of Ang Lee’s Other Action Movies<p>It's not the same old fight and dance.</p>, 10 Oct 2019 16:24:16 +0000 How My Chemical Romance Helped The Addams Family’s Chloe Moretz Find Her Dark Side<p>That's one way to do it.</p>, 10 Oct 2019 16:08:00 +0000 Joker Box Office Still Dominating Venom Heading Into Weekend 2<p>Things are getting quite funny.</p>, 10 Oct 2019 15:42:06 +0000 Why Eddie Murphy Hasn’t Done An R-Rated Comedy In 20 Years<p>He has a valid reason, which he finally shares.</p>, 10 Oct 2019 15:16:46 +0000 Yes, The Deadpool Franchise Delayed Zombieland: Double Tap’s Production<p>That guy messes with everything.</p>, 10 Oct 2019 15:02:40 +0000 Wait, Is Rian Johnson’s Star Wars Trilogy Not A Sure Thing?<p>Insert Darth Vader "Nooo!" here.</p>, 10 Oct 2019 15:01:39 +0000 Pixar’s Onward Trailer: Tom Holland And Chris Pratt Go On A Twisted Magical Journey<p>More dead parents in this one.</p>, 10 Oct 2019 14:35:51 +0000 Deadpool 2, Resident Evil, And Hollywood's Problems With Stunt Safety<p>We've heard more reports of stunts gone horribly wrong during production on a few of the biggest movies and shows of the past few years. It's unfortunately more apparent than ever that there's a severe issue with stunt safety inside the entertainment industry.</p>, 10 Oct 2019 00:18:33 +0000 Clerks 3's New Story Is Inspired By Kevin Smith's Heart Attack<p>Art imitates life.</p>, 09 Oct 2019 23:42:58 +0000中国高清videossexotv